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Fr. 18.10. 21 Uhr

Isabella Lundgren

Isabella Lundgren (voc), Carl Bagge (p), Niklas Fernqvist (b), Daniel Fredriksson (dr)

Isabella Lundgren grew up in the small town Karlstad in Sweden, raised on her mother’s Jazz collection, she quickly forged a love for the genre. At the age of 18 she then left for New York City to study music at the New School University for Jazz and Contemporary Music. She quickly became a part of the city’s musical scene and collaborated with a wide range of musicians, stretching from classical jazz to contemporary pop and blues playing at gigs all over the 5 boroughs. She moved back to Sweden at the age of 23 to study a Masters degree in Theology. She subsequently released her debut album “It had to be you” winning instant acclaim from both critics and the public alike. The second album ”Somehow life got in the way” was awarded with the prestigious golden record and named Best Jazz Album of the year in 2015. Now firmly established in Scandinavia, Isabella releases on world renowned label Naxos Records and has been dubbed “one of the greatest things that has ever happened to the Swedish Jazz scene” by the Swedish Daily News. Isabella has a rare ability to generate astonishing vocal power from her deceptively slight frame in vocal displays more akin to a soul diva or opera singer but applies her oral prowess instead to an almost religious delivery of her repertoire in a format that is more sacred ceremony than it is typical concert. With recent large scale headline concerts including the CCB in Lisbon, Casa da Música in Porto and Stockholm Concert Hall as well as album releases as far afield as Japan and the USA, Isabella is already an internationally recognised talent.

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